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ERP Software for Manufacturing

List of Technical Benefits

Standard Controls can be easily created using the ELIT Tool and used across the forms (Documents)
In addition there are default existing Standard controls available in the ELIT Tool
New Documents or templates can be created easily
Predefined Documents or Templates can be Copied and Modified
Porting Tool helps in porting the business process of one project into another project seamlessly
Data Binding Process is very easy and quickly accomplished
SQL Triggers can be easily called, executed through ELIT’s trigger event
Control Properties & Events available in a single property window makes it easy for a developer to input all the parameter and required events at that instance
In ELIT there is a facility to auto set tab order of all controls for individual tabs in a Form
Associating Reports with the Report formula is done by just passing report name and the filter criteria
No Compilation is required once the document is developed using the ELIT tool
It is possible to deploy the ELIT tool at the client place allowing the developer to do the changes at Site online with the User still using the application
No exe installation required in case of Business Logic changes
As ELIT uses VB Scripting as a command language it’s easy to find resource availability. Medium Skilled resources would also be able do complex programming
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