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ERP Software for Project Companies

ERP Software for Project Companies

IBS Project is one of the best Enterprise Resource Planning solution that enables Project-Based Companies integrate their business processes on a single platform within the budgeted cost of resources like Raw Material, Personnel, Assets and Finance.

IBS Project is an integrated ERP solution offering unparalleled functionality and integrated workflow manager ensuring that designated users receive timely intimations, as well as for authorization's. It is an intuitive, unified platform that enables users to maximize ROI by compressing project cycle times, identifying best practices and optimizing resource allocations, with rapid deployment and quick adoption.


IBS Project caters to project based companies having typical processes differentiating them from discrete or repetitive manufacturers, such as:

  • Complex projects, long Cycle times
  • Design and build specific to a project or contract
  • Uniquely design and build to customer specifications
  • Need to Estimate and Quote to win business
  • Plan & Procure material for a project
  • Maintain need based Stock with Project based Allocation
  • Need to track customer revisions
  • Track actual costs to a project
  • Install products on customer's site
     Business Development & Marketing
Tender Enquiry Management
Provision to capture anticipated Tender openings
Risk Analysis
Tender Estimation/Costing/Quotation
Submission of Offer Bid
Technical Bid Opening
Price Bid opening
Contract Award
Tender Order/ Project Budgeting
Bill of Material
Bill of Personnel
Bill of Assets
Overheads Budget
Request for Tender Document Purchase
Request for Pre-Bid Design Service
Request for Pre-Bid Material costing service from
Procurement Development
Request for EMD's & Bank Gurantee's
     Project Execution
Defining Project Milestones with scheduled Start and End dates
Defining Project Tasks Milestone wise scheduled Start and End dates
Analysing request personnel Vs. Mob. Vs. DeMob
Tracking approval of drawings sent to customers
Intimation of Inspection to customer at site
Monitoring Daily Project Progress Status
Invoice Generation
Ensuring Procurement & Budgettary Controls
Monitoring Project wise Asset & Bill of Personnel Budget
Analysing Corrective Actions on Project Milestones
Analysing Additional Work done at site
Obtaining Final Completion Certification
     Procurement (Purchase Module) of Material & Services
Rate Contract
Purchase Enquiries
Pending Indent Analysis
Purchase Quotation
Item Wise Supplier Wise Quotations Comparison
Purchase Order (Material & Service)
Purchase Amendment
Import Purchase Order
Vendor Evaluation
Project Wise PO register
Periodic Outstanding Payment Schedule referenced to the Purchase Material
Classification of Items up to 5 levels
Item Codification based on Classification
Classification Wise Item Check List
Multi Godown option
Godown wise Classification wise Stock
Auto indent facility for Items going below Re-Order Level
Good Receipt Register
GRN's Pending for Quality control
QC Rejection Register
Requisition Status Register
Inter Godown Transfer Register
Godown Wise Transfer register
Godown Wise Lot Wise Stock
Godown Wise Lot Wise Stock Ledger
Project Wise Material Dispatch Register
Project Wise Consumption of Stock
Dead Stock
Stock considering Quantity pending for QC
Item list Below Re-Order Level & Minimum Level
Stock Audit (Comparison with actual qty. and system qty.)
Item Stock with Allocation Details
Analysing Project wise pending Item Loan Status
     Quality Control
Raw Material QC Analysis
In Process QC Analysis
Finished Good QC Analysis
Sales Sample Analysis
Vendor's Sample QC Analysis
Provision to maintain sample plan for QC Analysis
      Dispatch & Excise Module
Manufacturing Sales Challans
Purchase Rejection Challans
TR6 Challan / TR6 Challan Service Tax
Maintenance & Rework Challans
Cenvat Credits / Debits
Excise Refund Status
Excise Invoice Domestic & Export
Service Tax Credits
RG1 Stock Summary Screen
Cenvat or Service Tax Credits
Former ER1 (5 Level Group)
Form ST-3 / PLA Register
Annexure 10 (Under Rule 7)
     Non Conformance
NC Initiator
Corrective Action Analysis
Final Approval
NC Analysis
     Equipments Maintenance
Routine Definitions
Machine Definitions
Provision to define Preventive Maintenance Plan
Recording Maintenance Plan Vs Actual
Recording Break Down Intimation
Recording Action Taken against Break Down
Provision to Reschedule Routines
Monitoring Wise Machine Wise Break Down Analysis
Monitoring Wise Machine Wise Cause Wise Analysis
Machine Wise Maintenance Analysis with Observation
Machine History Register
Machine Wise Maintenance Routine Due Dates
      Fixed Asset Management
Depreciation of fixed assets as per companies and Income Tax Act.
Backward depreciation calculation
Project wise asset tracking
Asset Purchases/ Sales
Asset Transfer / Addition
Asset Scraps
     Payroll & HR Management
Salary Summary (Pay Slip)
Leaves Management
Attendance Monitoring
Income Tax Computation
Professional Tax Statutory Reports
Provident Fund Statutory Reports
ESIC Statutory Reports
Management Performance Tracking
Skill Sets Management
Employee Training
Employees Performance Evaluation
Facility Management
     Accounts & Finance Module
Periodic and As-On Date Balance Sheet with Zooming Option
Periodic Profit and Loss with Zooming Option
Bill Booking from MRN
Bill Passing from QC MRN
Service Bill Booking from Service Order
Service Bill Passing from Job Completion Certificate
Bank Receipts and Payment Vouchers
Cash Receipt and Payment Voucher
Tracking of Sales Tax Forms to be Issued and Received
TDS Deposit Voucher with Challan Printing
VAT Setoff Computation
Ratio Analysis
Cash Flow
Fund Flow
Cost Centre Wise Budget Analysis
Excise Invoice (Domestic and Local)
      Project Site Management
Defining users to project site location
Provision to have free receipt of item from customer
Quality control of MRN's against PO, Free Receipts, General Receipts &
  Stock Transfer of item
Issue of item to site against Free Receipts, General Receipts& Stock Transfer
Daily project site status recording
Tool Based ERP Solution
Work Flow Manager for Intimation and Authorizations
Alert Manager
Document Editor Across all Documents
Access Control Manager
Provision for History Tracking
Emailing of all Report Formats and Document Outputs
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