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ERP Software for Human Resources

IBS HR is a high performance Management Solution with the objective to implement Key Management Performance concepts.

In our rapidly developing economy Employees form our organizations greatest assets making it imperative for us to have a system in place to manage these assets effectively. IBS HR Software provides just this with its comprehensive solution.

Attendance Monitoring.
Salary Summary.
Income Tax Computation.
Professional Tax Statutory Reports.
Employee Listing (Designation Wise/ Department Wise / GradeWise)
  Pay Slip for the Month
  Bank Statement Report
  Cost Center Wise allowance Bifurcation Report
  Bonus Slip
  IT Statement & Projection Sheet,
  Form 16, IT Detailed Report
Profession Tax Summary
  Year wise PT calculation
ESIC Reports
  ESIC Form 6
  ESIC Form 7
Provident Fund Reports
  PF Details Report
  Form 5
  Form 9
  Form 10
  Form 6A with Annexure
  Form 3A
  Form 12A (Revised)
Analysing Requisition for Man Power
Maintaining Interview Schedules & its Attendance
Dispatching Interview Call Letter
Recording Interview status
Issuing Offer Letter
Issuing Appointment Letter
Recording Status of Medical Check Up
     Skill Sets Management
Defining Employee Skill Sets and Skill Levels
Analysing Employee Skill Gaps
Tracking up gradation of Employee Skill Sets
Monitoring Employee's Learning Curve of Skill Sets
     Employee Training
Defining Training Program Schedules
Tracking Employee Participation in Training Program
Analysing Training effectiveness from Faculty and Employee Feedback
     Performance Evaluation
Defining Management Goals or Vision Statements
Defining Department Objectives with reference to Management Goals
Defining Employee Key Result Areas with reference to Dept Objectives
Monitor Department Performance based on the assigned Dept Objectives
Monitor Employee Performance referenced to KRA's
Assigning Roles & Responsibility to Employees
Self Appraisal. Final Appraisal
Reverse Appraisal (360°)
Tracking of Employee Recognitions
Employees Suggestion's to Management's Point of discussion
Assigning Employee benefits and tracking their Claims
Employee Leave application along with their Sanctions
Tracking Loan Applications along with their Sanctions
Analysing all types of Employee Disciplinary Actions
Analysing cause wise Employee Accidents
Tracking Insurance Policies (Life, Non Life)
Monitoring Rental's & expiry of Lease and Licenses
Tracking Transfers of Employee's between Departments and Branches
Monitoring HR Budget Vs Actual
Analysing Employee's Career Path
Monitoring Department wise Employee Attrition
Defining Succession Management
Optional Modules
Fixed Asset Management
Defining Assets with depreciation % as per IT & Co. Act.
Asset Purchase Analysis
Asset Sales Analysis
Asset Transfer Analysis
Asset Addition Also considering capital in progress
Computation of Gross Block & Net depreciation for the year
Maintenance Management
Machine wise Test Nature Definition
Maintenance Analysis as per Break Down & Preventive Plan
Tracking Spares with cost details during Maintenance
Monitoring AMC Expiry details
Tool Based ERP Solution
Work Flow Manager for Intimation and Authorizations
Alert Manager
Document Editor Across all Documents
Access Control Manager
Provision for History Tracking
Emailing of all Report Formats and Document Outputs
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