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ERP Software for Institute

ERP Software for Institute

IBS Institute a Sophisticated Management Tool provides Educational institutes the best Modern Management Practices and the state of the art technology for managing their process activities.

IBS Institute provides intensive automation to the specific processes of Educational Institutes thereby bringing budgetary controls, implementation of systematic management processes and image enhancement.

IBS institute is part of the IBS family of high performance management solutions for the corporate world. It brings along, all the statutory standards, best management practices and financial control followed in the industry, hence the preferred ERP solution across all diversified institutes.

Defining Institutes and Branches offered by the Institute
Defining Admission Types, Preferences, Authority, Caste
Category, Mandatory Original documents required
Provision to define Fee Heads, Bank Codes,
Payment Modes, Cash Counters, Course Details
Provision to capture Previous University Details
Rules of Seat distribution
Rule for Cancellation of Admission
University Admission Listing with Gender, Branch,
Class, Semester and Admission Type details
Branch Wise Class wise Course details Listing
Confirmed Admission with Admission Type details
Cancelled Admission with Amount Returned details
Recording Transfer of Students
Provision for Student College Enrollment
NRI Admission Details Listing
Bonafide & Transfer Certificate
Daily Cash Transaction Type wise,
Cast wise along with University Tuition Fee details
Issuing Student's ID card
Analysing Admission Listing with PCM marks detail and University merit nos
Class wise Branch wise total no of Admission
Admission wise summary with caste category wise details
Branch wise Fee collection Status
Authority Type wise Admission Count
Board Wise Admission Listing
Student Merit nos wise Admission Details
Fee Collection Status
Class wise Fee Collection Status
Admission Authority wise Tuition Fee Details
Merit List of Student Admission with PCM Authority
Admission type wise details
Student General Register with Detail like Caste/Sub caste, Birth place, Nationality,
  Birth Date, and Last Institution Attended
Provisional Identity Card Printing
Original document Submitted and Pending for Submission
Analyzing Daily Cash Receipts Student wise
Analysis of Annual Fee Collection List
     Graphical MIS
Branch Wise Fee Collection Graph
Branch Wise Student count
Caste Wise Report
Branch Wise Gender Report
Defining Universities wise, Institute wise, Branch Wise, Subjects
Defining Internal Subject Schemes College wise, Branch wise & Class Year Wise with Theory and Practical (Max and Min Marks)
Defining Universities Exam Subject Scheme College wise, Branch wise, Class Year Semester wise Subjects with appropriate Universities Subject Code with provision to define the subject is Old or Revised, Optional Yes or No, Internal Theory and Practical (Max & Min)
Provision to capture Branch Wise Student wise, Class & Semester wise both Internal and University Exam Subject wise marks scored
Provision to track Student Internal Exam Performance with Graphical chart
Provision to define Eligibility criteria's like Exam's Required to be cleared, Subjects to be passed with Min Marks, Mandatory Documents to be submitted
Provision to define Country wise Recognized Exams details with it approving authority and the Equivalent exam in India
Verifying Student Details to ensure eligibility for admission
Analysis of Course wise Country wise Foreign Student details
Maintaining Migration Certificate details
Provision to defining CET exam details
Provision to define CET Center Details
Provision to define the Sub Centre detail along with the seat capacities and the From and To Roll No details
Analysing Student Details participating for the CET exam
Listing of Students appearing for CET Name Wise, Roll No Wise, Ref No Wise
Issuing CET Exam Hall Tickets with Photograph printing
Recording Exam Attendance
Processing Student Information for issuing Hall Tickets
Registration of Ex Students in the Alumni Association
Maintaining Ex Students Records with their Batch & Contact details
Provision to define Council Members of the Alumni Association
Provision to define Terms and Conditions for Registration
Re-Union Planner
Provision to define and view Events organized
Maintaining Event Photographs and Group Photographs
Provision to update Contact Information's and Current Profile's
Provision to define Benefit or Scholarship Programs
Provision to give Recognition to Tenured & Termed Faculties and Staff Faculties
Provision to define Chapters and Groups within the Alumni Association
     Purchase Module
Rate Contract
Purchase Enquiry
Service Enquiry
Pending Indent Analysis
Purchase Quotations
Item wise Supplier wise Quotations Comparison
Purchase Orders
Vendor Evaluation
Classifications of Items upto 5 levels
Godown wise classification wise stock
Auto Indent facility for Items going below Re-Order Level
Goods Receipt Register
QC Rejection Register
Requisition Status Register
Go-Down Wise Lot wise Stock Ledger
Dead Stock
Stock considering Quantity pending for QC
Items list below Re-order level
Items list below Minimum level
Comparison With Actual Qty and System Quantity
     Equipments Maintenance
Routine Definitions
Machine Definitions
Provision to define Preventive Maintenance Plan
Recording Maintenance Plan Vs Actual
Recording Break Down Intimation
Recording Action Taken against Break Down
Provision to Reschedule Routines
Monitoring Wise Machine Wise Break Down Analysis
Monitoring Wise Machine Wise Cause Wise Analysis
Machine Wise Maintenance Analysis with Observation
Machine History Register
Machine Wise Maintenance Routine Due Dates
     Accounts & Finance Module
Periodic and As-On Date Balance Sheet with Zooming Option
Periodic Profit and Loss with Zooming Option
Bill Booking from MRN
Bill Passing from QC MRN
Service Bill Booking from Service Order
Service Bill Passing from Job Completion Certificate
Bank Receipts and Payment Vouchers
Cash Receipt and Payment Voucher
Tracking of Sales Tax Forms to be Issued and Received
TDS Deposit Voucher with Challan Printing
VAT Setoff Computation
Ratio Analysis
Cash Flow
Fund Flow
Cost Centre Wise Budget Analysis
Excise Invoice (Domestic and Local)
Fixed Asset Management
Asset Purchases/ Sales
Asset Transfer / Addition
Asset Scraps
     Fixed Asset Management
Depreciation of fixed assets as per companies and Income Tax Act.
Backward depreciation calculation
Project wise asset tracking
Asset Purchases/ Sales
Asset Transfer / Addition
Asset Scraps
     Payroll & HR Management
Salary Summary (Pay Slip)
Leaves Management
Attendance Monitoring
Income Tax Computation
Professional Tax Statutory Reports
Provident Fund Statutory Reports
ESIC Statutory Reports
Management Performance Tracking
Skill Sets Management
Employee Training
Employees Performance Evaluation
Facility Management
Tool Based ERP Solution
Work Flow Manager for Intimation and Authorizations
Alert Manager
Document Editor Across all Documents
Access Control Manager
Provision for History Tracking
Emailing of all Report Formats and Document Outputs
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