KVN - Vendor Management Solution

Vendor Management Solution

SBS e-Procurement Solution integrates Buyer - Supplier business processes into a single platform bringing operational transparency and improve efficiency.

Key Features :-

-  Vendor Self Registration

-  Vendor Quote Submission

-  Instant Transactional Notifications

-  Procurement Fraud Controls

-  Auto Escalation Notifications

-  Shared Supplier Ratings

KVN - Visitor Management Solution

Visitor Management Solution

Visitor Management Solution is about managing access control, tracking and monitoring visitors inside the premise or complex, Ensuring that officers or employees initiating the appointment are accountable for their visitors.

Key Features :-

Prevents unauthorized access

Verifies visitor’s credentials

Maintains digital records of visitors

Provides reports of visitors

KVN - Work Force Tracking Solution
KVN - Fleet Management Solution

Sales Management Solution

SBS Order Management Solution is a software tool that facilitates customers to place orders directly into the system.
SBS Order Management Solution is for businesses intending to provide an enhanced experience while placing orders to their organization.

Key Features :-

  • -  Improves overall efficiency of the sales process
  • -  Customers get direct access to place orders
  • -  Facilitates one click repeat order provision
  • -  Customers have access to dispatch schedule notifications
  • -  Customers have access to key sales reports
KVN - Task Management Solution

Task Management Solution

SBS e-Task Management Solution is a tool to manage tasks throughout its life cycle—from Scheduling, Assignment, Monitoring and Reporting.

Key Features :-

Task assignment with resource allocations

Task prioritization with their urgency levels.

Task re-assignment

Task tracking and reporting

KVN - Task Management Solution
KVN - Who We Are

Our Goal

To work closely with our CUSTOMERS in the development, implementation, support of Smart Business Solution Platforms, meeting their present and future needs and serving them in a manner which earns their trust and protects their interests.

We can help

We help businesses improve productivity and efficiency by integrating processes across business stake holders for effective and timely decision making.

Success a Team Effort

Our ability to work together towards a common vision in a consolidated manner is the reason for our success.

Smart Business Solutions

Companies having integrated their internal business processes are now aiming to take the integration to the next level. There is an increasing demand of companies to bridge processes between partner organizations.

How We Work

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