KVN - Vendor Management Solution

Vendor Management Solution

VMS integrates Vendor- Supplier business processes into a single solution sharing important business data across the partner eco system.

Key Features

Vendor Registration

Release of Purchase Enquiries

Quotation from Vendors

Release of Purchase Orders

KVN - Visitor Management Solution

Visitor Management Solution

Visitor Management Solution is about managing access control, tracking and monitoring visitors inside the premise or complex, Ensuring that officers or employees initiating the appointment are accountable for their visitors.

Key Features

VMS solution shall prevent unauthorized access into the premises.

Verifies Visitor’s credentials through System.

Maintaining Visitor’s Digital records would help maintain digital records of visitors for data Mining .

Provides data analytic of visitors inside premises.

KVN - Work Force Tracking Solution
KVN - Fleet Management Solution

Fleet Management Solution

Fleet Management Solution offered by us uses GPS Tracking system to track Vehicles using a secured user friendly web interface. It also helps in monitoring Vehicle and Drivers performance, Route Monitoring and Fuel Consumption.

Advantage Features

  • Online Information Flow
  • Faster Decision Making
  • Cost Reduction
  • Increased Productivity
  • Risk Monitoring
KVN - Work Force Tracking Solution

Work Force Tracking Solution

Our Workforce Tracking Services helps you get real-time location information through GPS tracking solutions of your field force. You can not only track, but also manage their routes and distribute workload.

Key Features

  • App based solution
  • GPS based tracking
  • Real time location
  • Route definition
  • Route replay
KVN - Work Force Tracking Solution
KVN - MPLS  Multi Protocol Label Switching

MPLS Multi Protocol Label Switching

Multi protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a type of data-carrying technique for high-performance on a private Network.

Key Features

  • Dual-Plane/Dual-Core Architecture
  • Auto switch over network
  • Backbone - 10G
  • Central NOC, proactive 24X7X365.
  • ISIS as IGP
  • RSVP TE among Core devices
KVN - Who We Are

Our Goal

To work closely with our CUSTOMERS in the development, implementation, support of Smart Business Solution Platforms, meeting their present and future needs and serving them in a manner which earns their trust and protects their interests.

We can help

We help Improve Businesses improve Productivity and Efficiency by integrating processes across business stake holders for effective and timely decision making.

Success a Team Effort

Our ability to work together towards a common vision in a consolidated manner is the reason for our success.

Smart Business Solutions

Companies having integrated their internal business processes are now aiming to take the integration to the next level. There is an increasing demand of companies to bridge processes between partner organizations.

How We Work

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