SBS e-Procurement platform helps in building effective communication between Buyer and Supplier organizations to improve timely decision making in the enterprise.

SBS e-Procurement integrates Buyer - Supplier business processes into a single solution sharing important business data across the Vendor eco system.

Business Processes Mapped on SBS e-Procurement Solution

Key Processes of SBS e-Procurement Solution:-

- Indent requirements from User Departments
- Provides Budgetary control
- Instant release of requirement to the Supplier
- Enable Vendors to feed quotations online
- Ensures transparent process of quotation evaluation
- Release Purchase Orders to the rightful Vendor
- Auto follow-up with the Vendor for on time delivery
- Auto alert with escalation on late deliveries
Competition in our market place is growing every day in strength and in numbers.

It’s imperative to have a Vendor Management e-procurement solution to continuously reduce operational cost, improve decision-making in the Procurement life cycle.

To sustain growth and remain competitive, an integrated Vendor – Supplier e-procurement solution Platform is no longer an option, but a necessity.

Vendors- Suppliers contribute to the bottom line of companies making them important Partners in Business.

Helping them enhance their efficiency and productivity shall only benefit the Business.

Seamless communication between Buyer and Suppliers is critically important to the health of any business.

SBS e-Procurement Platform provides better monitoring and control, easier distribution of information, process integration and connectivity across the Buyer and Vendor ecosystem.